The Iranian Revolution

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Since Iran’s revolution, the US’ relations with Iran can be characterised as being hostile. The US views Iran as a hotbed and retreat for terrorists, views its nuclear ambitions with suspicion, and regards it as a destabilising force in the region, and potentially on global security. In most case, it would appear that Iran’s interests do not align with those of the US . Expectedly, this conflict has led each party to characterise the other negatively with Iran dubbing the US as the “Great Satan” and the US labelling Iran as part of “the Axis of Evil”.

Iranians feel that they are under constant threat of external forces. In 1953, British and American secret agencies orchestrated a coup that overthrew the democratically elected Prime …show more content…

As in any conflict, a solution begins with effective communication. This begins be acknowledging that culture comprises beliefs, values, and cognitive structures that characterise negotiation styles and objectives. Effective cross-cultural communication requires overcoming communication/negotiation barriers toward reaching amicable resolutions. To form a clearer picture of how culture influences communication and thereby influencing negotiations, it is perhaps wise first explain the negotiation process.

The Negotiation Process

What is Negotiation:
Negotiation is a complex social process that happens every day in many different contexts. It can be defined as a form of decision making whereby two or more parties talk with one another in an effort to resolve their opposing interests. It involves several stages of interaction and communication between parties trying to resolve perceived incompatible goals. Negotiation is relevant in different situations and in many environments. Some of the core features of the negotiating process require a prescribed process and desired outcomes are not always easily attainable. In a negotiation, the parties are usually trying to find mutually acceptable solutions to resolve their disputes or protect their interest; this can be termed as a win-win situation. Hence, the function of negotiation is to provide a peaceful medium

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