The Iranian Threat Of Hormuz ( Soh )

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Initial Operational Approach
The Iranian threat to the Strait of Hormuz (SOH)
The current environment
The Arabian Gulf region is currently in a fragile status. Iran is emerging as a regional hegemony trying to expand its sphere of influence over the GCC states and even beyond to the entire Middle East, increasing the tension with its neighbors. Its growing military capabilities along with its nuclear program and ballistic missile technology have risen the instability in the region. On the other side, the GCC lead by Saudi Arabia, along with Israel, have their own fears, from the sectarian tensions that can destroy the GCC stability, especially in KSA and Bahrain, to the threat to the maritime lines of trades especially the Strait of Hormuz …show more content…

The other conflicts in the area, Afghanistan and Somalia, are not as important but remain a source of instability to the region.
The USCENTCOM second element is the myriad tensions in the region. The first is the control of the maritime commercial line of communication in the Strait of Hormuz. This strait is the only exit of nearly quarter of the oil exports from the GCC and Iran to the outside world, which make it vital to the oil tankers sailing to and from the Arabian Gulf. The second is the sectarian tension between the Sunni and Shia population in the region, especially in the eastern part of KSA and Bahrain, where the majority in these regions are Shia. The proximity of these two regions is what make them a point of concern along with its proximity to Iran. The third tension is between Saudi Arabia and Iran embodied by the regional power competition and the conflict over the sphere of influence in the region. This tension is fueled by the robust expansion of the IRGC Quds Force and the sponsorship of proxy groups like Houthis in Yemen, along with the Iranian nuclear program and the buildup of its military capabilities, and its support for Shia in the region. The fourth is the tension between Iran and Qatar and UAE on the energy resources in the Arabian Gulf and the islands of Abu Musa, Tumb, and Qeshm. Also important to mention the tension between the KSA, UAE, Bahrain in one side and Qatar from the other side

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