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Arianne is a Christian believer who is going through her rebellious teenage years. She believes her parents do not understand her. One night, after having an intense argument with her mother about an unwise decision she was about to make, Arianne went to bed. While sleeping, she dreamed about her taking the wrong path, which at the end led to her own death. Arianne woke up scared, agitated, and confused. She wondered if her dream had a meaning. Was God trying to tell her something, or it was just because she went to bed upset? In the past, there were natural dreams, which occurred only because of physiological needs or emotional states, and there were God-influenced dreams, which involved getting a message directly from God through dreams,…show more content…
One example he provided was when the dreamer experienced a traumatic event – such as a rape, an attack, or an escape – it is probable that person will dream with something that will picture the emotion felt in that moment. Overall, the main idea of Hartmann´s theory states that dreams occur through a series of connections that are contextualized by emotion, and thus the dream’s imagery depends on what the person’s emotions were that day before going to sleep.
On the other hand, there is not an exact or one percent proved explanation in scientific terms on why or how dreams occur; however, many erudite have developed theories on why they might happen. Many of them include an area of our brain that activates the dream imagery while sleeping. Allan Hobson, Harvard Medical School professor, stated in his activation-synthesis model that as soon as the dreamer enters REM sleep, which is the state where dreams are said to occur the most, a signal of electrochemical pulse changes is sent out from the brainstem and activates the dreamer’s visual perception. After this signal is sent out, the forebrain responds by putting significant effort in creating a gibberish story in the dreamer’s mind. Next, the limbic system, which is located in the forebrain and is the one in charge of a person’s emotional life, gets highly activated as well. This is probably why dreams are said to be guided by emotions – just as Hartmann believed. In addition to that, when the dreamer goes to bed,
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