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Equality is a hot topic across the world. Not only concerning gender, but in regard to social class, race, disability, income, and ethnic group, among others. In Canada, we like to think of ourselves as a country as progressive in that aspect. In actuality, however, this is not as necessarily true as we would like to think. After the 2011 Election, female representation in the House was at 26%. While this seems good at first, it is still below what the United Nations recommends as ideal for a shift in policy and government (Anderssen, 2015). Moreover, some political scientists estimate that it will be another century at least before Canada achieves gender parity (Anderssen, 2015).

Considering this, what exactly could be done to accelerate our nation’s movement toward egalitarianism for all? One such idea is that of reserving certain seats in the House of Commons for members of specific groups (women, natives, etc). Almost invariably, however, a host of problems follows along in its shadow. The mission of this essay is to analyse the positives and negatives of this approach towards equality within the government, as well as to extrapolate whether or not it should be enacted within the Canadian government using examples from overseas and across the border.

Reservation Policy 101

In a nutshell, policies meant to reserve positions within the government are put into action in order to combat discrimination, ensure fairness between those of the majority as well

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