The Is A Humanitarian Catastrophe

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Aleppo is a humanitarian catastrophe. Frequent air and chemical attacks leaves the average Syrian civilian in fear for their lives on a daily basis. With the Western half controlled by the Bashar al-Assad government and the Eastern half in controlled by anti-government rebels bloodshed always lingers. For years, power has shifted between the two sides with many outside forces joining, tipping the power balances. With no end in sight, massive loss of life is becoming a universal issue.
Inspired by the Arab Spring, revolution was on the horizon in Syria. Fed up with the government control, rebels have rallied against the government. In nearly five years of armed conflict the civil war in Syria has claimed nearly 470,000 lives: 400,000 through direct violence and an additional 70,000 as an indirect result of the war. A governmental regime which uses terrorists tactics is one that should be looked at as a threat. The president of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, has carried out a siege against his own civilians in Aleppo trapping them from the rest of the world. Depriving nearly 250,000 people of food, water, and supplies while bombing them on a daily basis is simply inhumane (UN News Centre). The government has gone to the point of using chemical weapons on their own civilians, killing many men, women, and children. The bloodbath is more than just those who support the Ba’ath Party Government and those who want a revolution, but includes many groups and world powers. Although they

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