The Is A Selfless Act For Serving Ones Country

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Serving in the U.S. Military is a selfless act to serve ones country. Any able bodied American that can meet the physical, emotional, and mental requirements should have the ability to serve in some capacity to include Transgender Americans. In 2011 “don’t ask, don’t tell” act was repealed (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), thus allowing LGB service members to serve, but what about the T? The repeal left Transgender service members to continue to serve in secrecy or lose their career (Transgender Military Post DADT). Being transgender does not limit ones capacity to perform a job. Despite potential controversies in the workplace, Transgender Americans should be permitted to serve their country as they are equally as capable, and willing to give their lives for their country.
Being Transgender is actually part of an umbrella term that encompasses anyone whom doesn’t identify as their birth gender. Transgender, has until recent years been something not often discussed, many people not personally knowing or having met a transgender person that they know of. It is estimated 700,000 American adults, representing 0.3 percent of the nation’s adult population are transgender (Medical Aspects of Transgender Military Service). Percentage wise this may not seem significant thus explaining why so little is known, however, 700,000 is a significant number of people.
Very few American’s are even capable of serving their country in a military capacity, many barriers whether they are physical or
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