The Is An Intrinsic Part Of Our Culture

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Acquiring knowledge has become an intrinsic part of our culture; we are able to receive more accurate knowledge more quickly. Our society’s desire to become more knowledgeable is commendable but our methods make the learning process more impersonal. We tend to bombard ourselves with too much information and because of this only gain superficial knowledge. Museums fill the void created by our inclination to learn rapidly by offering an alternative method of education. Visitors are encouraged to take more time so that they may fully understand an object. Viewing an object in person creates a connection that cannot be duplicated by simply reading information. That connection can stem from appreciation, curiosity, or any number of reasons, but in all cases it allows us to think more deeply about the world, humanity, and ourselves.
As children, many members of our society were captivated by the natural world. Animals, plants, and even rocks can be endlessly fascinating to children and they treat each new fact as breathtaking discoveries. Museums capture that same sense of wonder which nature creates in children; people of all ages feel awe when viewing the bones of animals that lived millions of years ago and they marvel at the beauty of the stones and minerals that make up our planet. By appealing to childhood feelings, museums are able to connect our society to the natural world. We often forget or choose to ignore the fact that humanity is not alone on this earth. Museums
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