The Is An Oligarchy Would Be The Best For Athens?

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After the Assembly had convened for the night, I circled the Pnyx listening to the different factions discussing the day’s events. The Moderate Democrats approached the Farmer and told him they wanted to help the little guys like himself. The Radical Democrats thought the more people who have jobs and are paid the more money there would be circulating through the economy. They also thought the Socratics were biased and that everyone should be happy if they get the right to vote. The Oligarchs believe an oligarchy would be the best for Athens because action happens faster when fewer people have a say. As I am about to leave, a Socratic approached me and tells me I have a place in their society because I am educated. But do I want to live in a society without all my merchant friends who also happen to be metics? A few weeks later, the Assembly again met in the Pnyx. The Herald, a Socratic, said a prayer and poured the wine. The President then got right to business and announced we would be making a decision on the topic of Metic citizenship that day. The Metic was allowed one final chance to make his case before a vote was to be held. However, the Sailor lengthened the discussion with the suggestion of making the Metics pay for citizenship. The Socratic’s argued that the Metics must show loyalty to Athens before being considered for citizenship. The Metic himself suggested a requirement of residency in Athens for a certain number of years. Eventually, a member of the…
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