The Is The Romantic And / Or Sexual Attraction For More Than One Gender

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Bisexuality is the romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender. Those who identify as bisexual are attracted to male, female, and sometimes the non-binary genders. Non-binary genders can include those who are transgender, agender, and genderfluid. Bisexuality is a separate sexuality from pansexuality. Pansexuality which is the romantic and/or sexual attraction to all genders. Like the sexuality and gender spectrums bisexuality is also a spectrum. One can be bisexual but only desire those of the male and female gender. Another could only find those who are non-binary and the female gender attractive, ect.
Within the mainstream and LGBTQ+ communities the issue of bisexual erasure is quite prevalent. Bisexual erasure is the act of ignoring or removing the existence of bisexuality from primary sources. Bisexual erasure is a form of biphobia, the aversion to bisexuality and bisexual people. It can also include the denial of the existence of bisexuality. Female bisexuality has been the most ignored and unbelieved form of bisexuality. Today’s denial of female bisexuality is a product of traditional disenfranchisement of female sexuality. By comparing John Wilmont, Earl of Rochester’s poem “Song” to Aphra Behn’s poem “To the Fair Clarinda” the existence and erasure of female bisexuality becomes clear. Rochester, a known bisexual, wrote “Song” in 1680. The work focuses on the narrator’s, Rochester’s, view on choosing women as romantic partners. The poem

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