The Islamic States Of Iraq And Syria

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On November 13, 2015, a radical terrorist organization carried out consecutive attacks in the city of Paris, France. This radical group is formally known as ISIS, the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria. When a horrible act of violence like the one in Paris occurs… we ask, how can a human being carry out such senseless violence? Perhaps the question we should ask is: how could we not have known? The unfortunate truth is, we did. Join me as we take a short walk through the story of the radical Islamist group we call ISIS from its inception to its rise to power. Ever since the horrible beheadings of journalists that started last year, no journalist has dared venture to the Islamic State. But thanks to former ISIS members, as well as previous data compiled, we are able to see a story play out. ISIS, first originated as an Al-Qaeda splinter group. It is led by a man named Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. The idea of ISIS was first formed in one of the most unexpected places in the world; an American prison. This prison is named Camp Bucca, and is located in the desert of Southern Iraq. During the Iraq war, some of the most dangerous jihadists were locked up at Camp Bucca. Up to twenty thousand of Iraq’s angriest men were all in the same prison. Not only was it overcrowded, it was extremely violent. So violent in fact, that in 2005, riots broke out. Prisoners took control over whole sections of the prison. American forces barely managed to retake the territory where at least four prisoners

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