The Issue Of Forced Displacement During The Harlem Renaissance

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“The issue of forced displacement during the Harlem Renaissance”
The Harlem Renaissance was a time of blossoming talents and gowing ideas. Many of the works that surfaced during renaissance are still dissected and discussed in classrooms around the world. Works like Africa for the Africans and Heritage by Harvey and Cullen have withstood the test of time and perfectly encapture the issues and questions of the time period. These poems embody the resentment and social strife african americans were largely afflicted with in 1930’s
America. The abundance of racially inspired discrimination inadvertently created a garden of emotional inspiration authors that became a voice of expression for their people. In the middle of this artistic explosion the issue of forced displacement became an idea worth pondering for many
African Americans. The idea of fleeing persecution and founding a homeland of people that had all been racially discriminated against and oppressed became and argument worth voicing.
Drawing similarities to the zionist movement the African American proposition of a return to the homeland became the inspiration of numerous works for the Da Vincis and Michelangelos of the
Harlem renaissance.
In Harvey’s Africa for the Africans the proposition of a mass return to Africa is mapped out in an extremely logical and thought provoking argument. In his work Harvey very clearly outlines the problem of racial tension that white America has affiliated itself with and calls for all…
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