The Issue Of Gm Seeds Cost Essay

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There are about 795 million people suffering from hunger in the world, from whom 21,000 die on a daily basis [1]. Although humanity is currently distant from eradicating this lash in every corner of the planet, several solutions are currently being evaluated to guarantee food security. GM crops are hailed by some supporters as the definite solution because of their greater nutritional value and higher yields with respect to traditional ones, while others consider them to be detrimental to the environment and pose health risks. Due to this lack of consensus, GM crops widespread proliferation has been currently hindered either by governmental legislations or people’s fears. In order to bring some clarification to the former discrepancy, a critical analysis, presenting both points of view, has been carried out, concluding with my personal evaluation. Despite the fact that GM seeds cost is twice as much as conventional ones, many biotech companies are creating transfer programs for farmers in regions like Africa. At reduced prices or even giving up these seed for free, companies like Monsanto [2] is willing to share this new technology to show that higher initial expenses are not only recovered because farmers obtain higher profits overall after harvesting their crops but also because field work is significantly reduced. On average, a regular crop requires between six to eight visits [3], but GM ones are properly cared with approximately two or three visits. This means less

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