The Issue Of Gun Control

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Ever since the 2nd Amendment was ratified, gun control has been a flaming topic of debate in America. The politics surrounding this debate could affect the lives of millions of Americas who already own firearms. Americans are looking for information regarding what a conceal carry permit is and how to obtain a conceal- carry permit so that they may formulate their own opinions on the issue. Investigating further, citizens are confused with the numerous conceal-carry permit classes, instructional courses, and the background checks of carriers. Who is allowed to apply? Where shall they be allowed to carry? Using data gathered from a multitude of sources, the average citizen might form a new frame of reference concerning this topic with…show more content…
For example, at Virginia Tech (VT) a mentally unstable student shot and killed 32 fellow students. Therefore most seemingly secure areas, such as a school, can become deadly. After the tragic VT event, an ex-marine student on the Texas State University campus took the initiative to join a student group to support concealed-carry on campus, the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC). The SCCC was created in response to the horrific VT incident one day after. Michael Guzman, the current president of this nationwide group, recalls how, “…defenseless I would be if something like that happened at my school” (Jost 892-95). The SCCC is currently a group with thirty thousand members spanning over two hundred college campuses. The SCCC seeks to give students the right to conceal carry on college campuses and attempts this through academic discussions. Due to these advocates and groups, the government needs to create a standardized law to legalize and regulate the use of firearms. Secondly, the laws that place limitations on concealed carriers are an important and often overlooked sector of gun policy. According to the “Ohio 's Concealed Carry Laws and License Application” handbook, carrier applicants must be informed of and receive a list of appropriate and inappropriate areas to carry in their instructional

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