The Issue Of High School

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I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: By show of hands who here would want to go back to high school? Besides the facts that high school was boring, lame, and you were probably going through your awkward growth spurt, kids can be really mean and a little bit too honest. Many of them are just plain cruel. Chances are that high school was the hardest time in your adolescent years not only because there were so many changes going on in your body, but because you had to deal with bullying. Either you were pick on because you were too short or too tall, too fat or too skinny, you have a big nose, or probably you were just plain weird. The journal Pediatrics for Parents claims that twelve million children are bullied each year (Mansbacher 24). I …show more content…

I am not making myself the victim here because I know that I have also played the role as a bully.
C. Preview: I will be giving definitions, statistics, and an example of physical, verbal, and cyber bullying.
[Transition: I would like to begin by discussing the most common type of bullying.]
II. The first type of bullying is physical bullying. This type of bullying is pretty common in well-known movies. The victim usually a nerdy, skinny kid getting pushed into lockers, shoved in the hallways, or tripped in a classroom by a physically bigger bully.
A. The definition of physical bullying is common to most people, so I do not see the need to define it. Physical bullying does include punching (or any kind of hitting), kicking, tripping, pinching and pushing or damaging someone else’s property.
B. Statistics- According to the website, physical bullying is most common in middle school students. This is the age that children want to fit in with their peers. Bullying can also occur in elementary school, as well as through high school and even into adulthood.
C. To give an example of what exactly is physical bullying, I researched an extreme case of bullying. In an article titled Playground Rules in the Texas Monthly, where Skip Hollansworth interviewed Tami Carmichael, the mother of a boy named Jon Carmichael. Tami described the bullying that Jon experienced by saying, “He was pushed to

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