Bullying and Sociological Stand Point

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Bullying Report BSHS/325 December, 2012 Instructor: John B. Green Bullying Report Bullying has been a problem for a very long time; however in these present times bullying is becoming an epidemic. Maybe the reason behind this is the new occurrence of social media in our society, and the new strategies used by bullies to harass there victims. In this report the topics that will be covered are why bullying is an issue to study in human development, describe three components or types of behavior in bullying that are observed by researchers. Explain how gender and sexual orientation that influence the styles of bullying, how bullying affects self-esteem and what affect does the family system have on bullying.…show more content…
Bullies Spread rumors about someone, or embarrassing them in public all with the intention of ruining their social status amongst their peers. In cases you have strong minded individuals that can stand tall in these situations and move past this obstacle currently present. Then you have those who can’t cope with the label of social outcast then chose to do the unimaginable. Physical bullying is the final stage of behavior; it involves hurting a person physically or damaging their possessions. Violence can occur and it can be very freighting and have the potential to leave ill effects on one’s psychological state. Punching, spitting, tripping, taking or breaking possessions and making rude gestures. How does gender and sexual orientation influence styles of bullying? When dealing with sexual orientation and gender bullying can take many different forms. It can be gender specific, male against female harassment or vice versa, they ridicule others physical appearance for what they may have or lack thereof. Girls can be very cruel when pertaining to these things; a girl could be developing late or even earlier. Because of this reason she may not be along the same lines as the other girls, therefore will be singled out for it. With males all of the things described from the female perspective can also occur. A lot of it has to do with the physical aspect of

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