The Issue Of Human Trafficking

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There is a wide misconception among Americans that support the idea that human trafficking is something that only occurs overseas and not something that takes place in the United States. As a country that puts a huge value on freedom of choice, many U.S. citizens naively wish to believe that such an inhumane offense could never occur on our own free soil. Unfortunately, this notion is not true at all and domestic trafficking is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed within our own borders. In addition to this disturbing crime occurring in our country, it is apparent that female immigrants are the most at risk of being victims of this crime. A better understanding of why this crime occurs would be beneficial in all aspects of the law and would aid in preventing domestic trafficking from reoccurring and in helping those more at risk to become safer. From a policing standpoint it is clear that only through a more comprehensive and in-depth look into what provokes criminals to become involved in domestic trafficking, by utilizing different criminological theories, can there be any real changes. The key is not only to stop one specific instance of domestic trafficking in the U.S. but to also aid in preventing it from reoccurring. It is also important to utilize different criminal theories when considering what makes immigrant women more vulnerable when it comes to this specific crime. If more officers of the law become more educated regarding the different

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