The Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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Ian Carr
Dr. Hunte
Who will be Trumped this time?
As you may know the next presidential elections are coming up very soon. Through the election process, each candidate is asked about many topics. One topic inparticular has become very popular, illegal immigration. The primary question that is asked is, “How will you deport and limit the number of illegal immigrants in the United States?” This question got me thinking, If I were in their position what would I say in response? The following essay will illustrate the ideas on illegal immigration.
Immigration has always been a problem ever since we put a border between the United States and Mexico. In the beginning it really was not as big of an issue that it is today. Today more that 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants live in the US.(2015) Though the number is declining it is still an issue that affects all of us today, directly or indirectly. How do you expect to raise the quality of life for the homeless in America, when the unauthorized immigrants are taking all the jobs. If we can reduce the number of these unauthorized immigrants, we can improve our country 's way of life. Six states alone account for roughly 60% of unauthorized immigrants. Including California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois. From 2009 to 2012, seven states inparticular have increased in the amount of illegal immigrants; Such states are Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Florida, and

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