The Issue Of Immigration Is The United States For Many Years And Its Views On The Matter

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In one of his recent presidential candidate speeches, Donald Trump addresses immigration and his views on the matter. After hearing him address this very controversial topic I became very interested. Immigration has been a major issue in the United States for many years and it comes with its own set of positive and negative consequences. Many people hold different stances on whether or not illegal immigration is actually an issue or not. In his speech, Donald Trump bluntly lets America know how he feels about it and what he plans to do to stop it. The question stands on whether or not it is okay for people to come to America in hopes of a better life even if it is done illegally. Do these people that come into our country illegally really have that big of a toll on America?
Donald John Trump was born on June 14th, 1946, in the Queens of New York. Donald is one out of five children; Trump is the second oldest. Due to his energy and assertiveness was thirteen when he was sent to the New York Military Academy School. His parents were hoping to guide his liveliness to a constructive perception. Trump is representing as a republican candidate; Trump has switched political party affiliations at least five times since the late 80s. Donald Trump is a real estate entrepreneur and billionaire. He is the owner of Trump Plaza in Manhattan, New York and he is the host of the NBC reality series, The Celebrity Apprentice. Trump attended Fordham University for two years before

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