The Issue Of Marijuana Legalization Essay

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The issue of marijuana legalization has been a hot topic in recent times, but to understand first why it became illegal. Marijuana became illegal the first time shortly after the Mexican Revolution ended in 1910. After their revolution, many people from Mexico brought with them their customs their ideas and with them they brought their use of marijuana as a relaxant and medicine for many ailments. Even though, the use of cannabis was already prevalent in America at the time, the term “marihuana” was attached to it and with it led to the dirty outlook of it because of the significant influx of immigration to states like Texas and Louisiana was taking away jobs and other opportunities for Americans that were already here.
This negative outlook of marijuana was an offshoot of the poor perception of the Mexican immigration. In effort to control and keep tabs on these new citizens, El Paso pulled a play from San Francisco 's playbook which had outlawed opium decades earlier in effort to reduce Chinese immigration.(
The idea was to accuse search and deport Mexicans as a result of marijuana possession.
Unfortunately, this way of controlling their customs and ways of life was extremely successful. This strategy became a national movement it became a way to control and monitor certain populations in check. Marijuana was consistently portrayed to cause minorities and people of color to become violent or

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