The Issue Of The Environment And Globalisation

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The past few centuries have seen such a drastic change in the world in terms of human activities that it has resulted in an enormously significant change in our planet. For a better understanding, the process which brings all people and communities across the globe come together to experience a progressively universal economic, social and cultural environment is called globalisation. Thus, by definition, the process of globalisation affects everybody throughout the world and also has a significant impact on the environment. As said by James Arvanitakis (Arvanitakis p.166), ‘the issue of the environment and globalisation is the most pressing issue facing the world today’. Globalisation is thought to be a major cause behind change of climate that is experienced currently in the world. However, there are those who support and agree with the notion that climate change actually poses a global risk and those who do not agree with it. The debate on the extent of climate change being a global risk, which is called climate change science, is one that is of high interest for various groups in Australia who either agree with the view or disagree with it for their own reasons and each one has their own arguments regarding the subject. “Global climate change is part of the larger Anthropocene syndrome of human-induced global environmental changes. These include land degradation, ocean acidification, and disruptions and depletions of the stratospheric ozone concentration, soil fertility,

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