The Issue Of The Gay Rights Movement Essay

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There is a serious problem with America. And no, the problem isn’t the fact that we are trillions of dollars in debt, have people living off of Welfare, or even that we can’t seem to get an effective health care bill passed. Those are only minor issues. The real problem is that we give away rights like they are free to give away. We gave the blacks their rights, and look what it got us. Barack Obama. We gave women their rights, and look what it got us. Hillary Clinton. What’s next? The Gay Rights Movement. The main issue with giving the gays their rights is that homosexuality does not truly exist. It’s an infection of the mind.
The Gay Rights Movement, otherwise known the Homo Virus (HOV), has silently been spreading throughout the world in a process known as the “Rainbow Effect.” This virus causes men and women to feel a strange attraction towards those of the same sex. It is now to the point where the infected are begging for same-sex marriage. Obviously, we’ve let this catastrophe go on long enough. Even the Bible states marriage can only occur between a man and a woman. Not once did it mention that same-sex marriage is acceptable. Trust me, I’ve read it twice. Before we let history repeat itself and blindly give away rights, let us think of a simpler way to contain this issue.
What inspired me was the Ebola Outbreak. What saved most of the American population from contracting Ebola? An effective quarantine. The majority of patients who were infected took the isolation…

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