The Issue With Global Warming

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Hannah Rupp
Ms. Clemson
Honors English 9
4 June 2014
The Issue with Global Warming
Since the 1980’s, climate scientists have constantly been telling the public that their actions were determining the Earth’s demise. They say that the polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and 1,700 coastal cities will be underwater by 2100 (Struss). And the public believes them. Little do they know that these alarmists are mistaken. Ice levels are growing, not shrinking. In fact, in May 2014, Antarctic sea ice grew to nine million square kilometers, blowing past the previous record set in 2008. (Bastasch). This is the exact opposite of what the original climate scientists predicted, and it makes one consider what else they got wrong. Turns out, climate scientists have manipulated many of their statistics but continue to sway the public to their claims. Even though the majority of people throughout the world believe in human-induced global warming, the evidence proving this is flawed, misleading, and not well supported.
The age of the theory and amount of data contribute to the fact that there is not much support behind human-induced climate change. Global warming is a fairly recent scientific theory, with most of the research and studies done within the last 40 years. Speculation that humans cause global warming have been around since the Industrial Revolution, but not much research was done until the 1970s, when scientists began to believe the Earth was rapidly cooling

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