The Issue of Child Welfare

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The issue of child welfare is typified in the society mainly because of freedom of choice to be given to the children. There are certain social problems which are discussed frequently in this context. The major problems include the rights of child and access to privileges. It is argued that child is an individual who has no lesser rights than any other individual and he must be given the liberty to enjoy these rights. He must be given food, shelter and clothing without his contribution in the economic activity. He should be given the right to educate himself and the decision to study any particular subject may lie in his own domain. Additionally, during infancy, the right to be breastfed is also a matter of concern. If going even deeper, right to be born is also an important construct of the social system of child welfare. Mothers are socially responsible for taking care of themselves during pregnancy so that child is protected from all kinds of harmful effects. This is the reason why many medical practitioners strongly oppose the use of alcohol and smoking by pregnant women (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). The social workers belonging to this system particularly focus on the tasks which are beyond the control of a child. An example is earning livelihood. In many societies, child labour is considered a crime and is discouraged. Even at international forum, special initiatives are taken to combat child labour in developing country who permit this practise
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