The Issues Regarding Access Healthcare For Rural Veterans

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The Issues Regarding Access to Healthcare for Rural Veterans in Montana
One of the biggest problems of the current VA administration is access to health care for veterans in rural areas. According to the office of rural health as of 2014 there were 22 million veterans across the nation, 5.3 million of them live in rural areas, and 57% of these rural veterans are enrolled in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system (ORH).
Over 20 percent of military service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan reported symptoms of PTSD or depression but only a bit more than 50% of them have sought treatment. One reason for this is due to the fact that many of these veterans reside in rural areas …show more content…

This means that veterans in poor socio-economic rural areas are more likely to suffer from health issues that are going to need continuous treatment. This link was made most evident in the veterans who returned home from service in the Gulf and Iraq Wars due to them suffering from a wide variety of behavioral and physical issues, including PTSD, injuries sustained from blast exposure, chronic joint pain, substance abuse, long term effects to substances used in biological warfare, injuries from working with chemicals and machinery during their time of service (Heady, Gale). These issues are made worse for veterans living in rural areas due to the lack of access to VA healthcare.
Access to Healthcare for Rural Veterans
A large number of veterans with service related injuries live in rural areas due to the fact that residents in rural

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