The Issues With Police Recruitment

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Issues with Police Recruitment
Police recruitment, specifically the recruitment of women and minorities, is an issue within the police organization. When it comes to gender in law enforcement, males outnumber females by a large margin. When looking at race in law enforcement Whites outnumber any other race. By leveling the fields of gender and race in law enforcement, this will prove to be beneficial to police organizations across the board.
According to U.S. Census Bureau of 2005, women make up approximately 51% of the total U.S. population. The percentage of women in the total workforce equals 46%, while 38% of women are in some type of management position. While these numbers are positive, the percentage of women in law enforcement is low. Only 14% of women hold line operation positions, 10% hold some type of supervisory role and 7% hold top command positions ( Barratt). The F.B.I. showed that in 2011, female law enforcement officer made up 26.6% of the total law enforcement population. That is a 13.9% increase from 2004 but it is still not high enough since females make up 46.5% of the entire labor force. So why is the percentage of women in law enforcement higher? Research tells us that women in law enforcement can be just as effective male law enforcement officers but uneven hiring practices, selection processes and recruitment policies keep the number of women artificially low. Often women are screened out of the selection process early on, as a result
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