The Italian Anatomist Gabriel Fallopius Essay

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Gabriel Fallopius was one of the most noteworthy and respected Italian anatomists of the sixteenth century. He was known as many things during his life time. Although, to this day, he is well known for many of the great discoveries he encountered. During his lifetime of the 16th century, many people didn’t know much about the inside of today’s reproductive system, how they looked like, or what they were. Gabriel Fallopius inspired so many of his students to continue researching in the medical field who later became famous medical professionals. Due to his very successful accomplishments, we are able to learn and observe more of the women’s body to this day.

Gabriel Fallopius was born in the year of 1523 (no exact DOB). He was raised in …show more content…

Over time, he has inspired and lived his life to the fullest learning all about the human body.

During his times of teaching and studying, Gabriel made many outstanding discoveries. He had done so much, that it has helped people in our time to help understand the human body better. Gabriel is known today for a few great discoveries. One was he made and had the first proven documentation of the use and make of condoms for sexual use (History Of Condoms). It was proven good and protective during sexual activity after he successfully tested it on 1,000 men. Another major discover that had a big impact in the whole world was ( the accurate description, observation, and naming of the Fallopian Tubes (human oviducts). He correctly described those resembling small trumpets. Without documentation (Yahoo Answers) about the Fallopian Tubes and how it works, we wouldn’t know much about it and the way it acts in the women’s reproductive system. Its impact on the world is that it helped medicine. For instance, an ectopic pregnancy can now be diagnosed and the woman will live once the embryo is removed from the fallopian tube. When the discovery of the Fallopian Tubes (Yahoo Answers), women would die once the embryo exploded in the tube which caused severe pain and sepsis. The doctors back then didn’t know what the problem was till Gabriel Fallopius discovered the Fallopian Tubes. He also name The Vagina after observing it and

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