The Jungle, And Notified The American Public

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In 1906 Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, and notified the American public about the true horrors within the meatpacking industry. Almost a century later, Eric Schlosser writes a very similar piece meant to shock and notify the American Public called Fast Food Nation- The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. The greatest element these two pieces have in common is that the cause for these horrific sanitary situations, hazardous employee norms, and foodborne illness outbreaks is all due to monetary greed of these large industries. Concluded from The Jungle, and Fast Food Nation, money is the root of all evil. Greed killed thousands of naive Americans including hundreds of children. Due to the monetary values our society places on the …show more content…

Sinclair’s satire is seen here when he jokes that, “Perhaps they had a secret process for making chickens chemically--who knows?” Many years later, Eric Schlosser wrote about similar situations. Being more case specific to each injured worker, he painfully tells their story.
Schlosser goes on to denote the story of Kenny Dobbins, an employee of Monfort for almost sixteen years. Kenny was unable to complete school and read, so he wound up working at a meatpacking company called Monfort. Kenny was first placed to work in the shipping department. This required Kenny to lift packages as heavy as one hundred and twenty pounds. Kenny was a strong man, and thought he could handle the tough work that his job required. During an accident at work, Kenny was thrown onto the metal teeth of a conveyer belt. Kenny sought medical treatment first through the company’s doctor, who told him he had only pulled a muscle. When the pain got unbearable, Kenny sought treatment elsewhere, and was told he had a pair of severely herniated disks and would need back surgery. Kenny’s operation was not successful, and after financial strains from the medical bills, Kenny’s wife left him. When he went back to work, he was praised by the local newspaper for not giving up work. He felt loyal to Monfort as he could not get a job elsewhere

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