The Juvenile Community Corrections Population Is Experienced A Tremendous Growth Over The Past Two Decades

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The juvenile community corrections population has experienced a tremendous growth over the past two decades. In cities like Miami FL, in places like Liberty city “pork and Beans” the volume of adjudicated youths ordered to formal probation increased by 67% (Puzzanchera, Adams, & Sickmund, 2011). Juvenile crime has been rising, according to Miami, Florida police, they state that young people are becoming the targets more than before. This growth has had serious inferences for juvenile probation officers that make frequent choices about the case management of juvenile offenders on a daily basis. Juvenile probation officers are requested to type disposition and assignment references, and to change case management plans, that decides the…show more content…
The Juvenile System helps by reintegrating adolescents back into the society through boot camp and other forms of rehabilitation. Although the juvenile system and probation are similar they have some differences. Juveniles on probation tend to have more freedom, such as visits from probation officer, and they have to follow rules which are set by a judge. Juveniles in boot camp have limited freedom since they live within a facility which has military training background. Boot camp is an effective program for some juveniles, while in some cases it may be worst for others, because they tend to learn other bad influence from others. Boot camp is meant for children who need harsh discipline, extreme bodily exertion, and to learn strict respect for those who hold power, especially from parents. Boot camp is most beneficial for teens, because it can help them modify their behavior and teach them respect, as well as some type of structure. The use of military-style discipline in a correctional setting is not a new concept. In the 1800 's the Elmira Reformatory used military elements as a basis for their rehabilitative efforts (Morash & Rucker, 1990). Boot Camp along the line is been said that it can be called the Panacea Phenomenon, by breaking down and individual and reforming them to be a productive member of society with a new
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