The Keystone Xl Pipeline From Canada

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Scott Vales Diane Coleman Chang PS 1 23rd November 2015 Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline On November 6th, 2015, President Barrack Obama announced at a White House press conference that his administration will reject the application to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada. This final decision on the keystone XL pipeline comes just over seven years after Trans Canada first applied for the U.S State Departments approval. Trans Canada, the company behind the $8 billion project, has spent $2.5 billion on the project this far, since it put in for the permit to build the pipeline in 2008.The proposed pipeline would have stretched about 1,200 miles over six U.S states, and would have moved over 800,000 barrels of carbon heavy …show more content…

He said that those who were for it highly exaggerated the amount of jobs it would create, and those who were against it exaggerated the hazardous effect that it would have on the environment. State Department reports how that the pipeline would contribute to climate change, but not anymore than the alternative ways of transporting the oil. Barrack Obamas decision won’t affect the export of oil from Canada, it would just increase the distance it would have to travel through the already existing pipelines. Ultimately his main reason for rejecting the pipeline was based on the fact that he wants to establish himself as the first sitting president to ever address global climate change in a big way, and the passing of the pipeline would have hurt his credibility. There are basically two sides when it comes to the keystone XL pipeline, those that support it being built and those that agree with President Barrack Obamas decision to not approve its construction. Those that are against the pipeline have many claims to help support their stance on its construction. Their first claim is that the pipeline will be transporting one of the world’s dirtiest fuels, tar sands oil. Environmentalist groups say that pollution from tar sands is much greater than that of conventional oil. For example just in the process of the tar sands oil production alone, the carbon dioxide emissions are three to four times greater than that of regular oil. With the completion of the pipeline it

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