The Kite Runner Analysis

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A simple reading of the Kite Runner is that it is a novel about Rape, Murder, War and Fighting which , leads to Amir’s regret and has not only haunted him but has shape his life. Rape is the most important scene of violence in the novel and many occurrences of rape were mentioned. Rape is important for so many reasons; it is not just a physical violent but also affect the victims emotional state of mind. “Rape in this sense represents complete physical and mental denomination of those who do not have power by those who do.” The first is when Amir witnesses Hassan being raped by Assef, Amir is faced with the choice to help Hassan or to run but he allowed Hassan to be raped in exchange for a prize that he believes will earn him Baba’s love, be to do because he knows Baba’s greatest concern about him is that he cant STAND UP for what is right (evident in what he sid to Rahim khan earlier in the novel). But if Amir has stopped Hassan being raped of Assef and has lost the kite in the progress he could have demonsrated that he has strength to do the right thing when it is dangerous to do so and realizing later that he was doing the opposite of what Baba would want. Also, Hassan has not being raped he would have won kite running competition which, could have lead to him being happy for the rest of his life and his father accepting him, nevertheless because of the guilt he felt concerning Hassan neglecting him in time of need he didn’t get his father’s acceptance. Amir does not

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