The Lady Of Shalott Poem Analysis

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These are some of the chosen lines of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s from his poetic work; I will start my claim to peruse my viewpoint by above mention reference because it is relevant about the subject matter, in addition, these are from the poem of “The Lady of Shalott.” Then the second thing is, it’s about mythical LANDSCAPE - among Tennyson's finest achievements that symbolize states of human consciousness; the dreamlike quality of his vision, combined with his ability to see at close range with preternatural clarity and detail, rendered his dreams more vivid than our realities. Ultimately it will get me to explore the THEMES of REALITY and FANTASY from his poetic diction.
First, Tennyson starts out "The Lady of Shalott" with a quiet description
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However, it can be argued from a metaphysical standpoint that the nature of humanity itself is to work, and that absent of hardship is absent of life, the act of succumbing to the Lotus in the poem can sometimes appear to carry connotations of death and sinister imagery, an example being 'through the moss the ivies creep', which evokes images of parasitic and sinister representations of the lotus…show more content…
The entire poem is constructed in this way, often opting for words-'languid', 'driveth' 'galingale' 'slumberous' etc.-that, especially when describing sleepy imagery, force the reader to slow down and contain stresses that give the poem a form of hypnotic rhythm, relating back to sleep and escapism. In addition to his use of phonetics and rhythm, Tennyson includes various images that make the 'sleep state', and therefore the state the Lotus-eaters offer, more appealing. 'The charmed sunset linger'd low', 'like downward smoke' and 'than tir'd eyelids upon tir'd eyes' are all examples that possess connotations of laziness or sleep, and therefore makes a more attractive option as opposed to the 'toil' experienced by the rest of the world, enhancing the desire for escape. as accomplishes this by contrasting the positive aspects of the world of escapism with reality and its negativities.
In the end, to sum up, from the poem “The Lady of Shalott” Tennyson focused on two main subjects the Lady's “isolation in the tower” as a fantasy and her “decision to participate in the living world” as reality. If we search for the theme of Fantasy, it is everywhere - all over the poem as the whole subject matter has come from the imaginative world of Celtic
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