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Like a Child
ENGL 102: Literature and Composition

In “The Lamb” by William Blake, you will see that, if analyzed closely, the lamb is a personal symbol which signifies God himself. The innocence of a child is like that of a lamb, and serves as a model for humans to follow. In the first stanza, the speaker is the child who is also the teacher. The child asks the lamb who gave him life and all his needs, along with a voice so "tender”. Then, the child declares that he will tell the lamb who their creator is. The creator shares the same name as the lamb, which is a reference to Jesus Christ. The end of the poem is giving way to a blessing which, gives an expression of the child’s adoration at the connection the lamb makes in child, …show more content…

Since Blake loves lambs because of the connection they makes with Christianity and sinners, he uses the description of a lamb to signify what God did for us. He also utilizes imagery in giving the picture feeling of deep faith he has in his Christianity. One of the most sensual lyrics is lyric 6; “Softest clothing, wooly, bright. This gives the reader a sense of what God does for sinners; He gives them all their needs.
The most leading literary device used in Blake’s poems is symbolism. In this particular poem, “The Lamb” is a reference to God himself. This is because of the trinity that is involved with being a Christ follower. The trinity is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The child in the poem, is a symbol as innocence and purity just like Jesus Christ. Christians are to “receive the kingdom of God like a child” (Luke 18:17, ESV). This means that we are to have child-like faith, and trust in God, just like children do in their parents.
In the second stanza, the child tells the lamb who created him. In lyrics 13 and 14, he says “He is called by thy name/For he calls himself a Lamb. In Christianity, this is Jesus Christ, the son of God. In explaining the trinity earlier, this is another reference to God. Lyrics 15 and 16 say “He is meek, and he is mild/He became a little child. Jesus Christ was sent down to bare people’s sin. This could only happen if a child was born of purity (from a virgin).
In the Gospel’s, it

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