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COURSE # and TITLE: ENGL 102-D42 LUO: Composition and Literature


Thesis Statement: The Lamb written by William Blake is a beautiful spiritually enriched poem that expresses God’s sovereignity, His love for creation and His gentleness in care and provisions for those that are His . I. Introduction
• Author
• Little Lamb
II. Question of creation
• Little Lamb who made you.
1. Provision of Needs
a. Provides food
b. Life in the meadow
c. Provides Clothing
III. Answer to Question of Creation
• Little Lamb I’ll tell thee.
a. Comparison of Names
b. Comparion of Charactistics
c. Association of Innocence
IV. Conclusion …show more content…

Delightfully this seems to imply association with Jesus, the Lamb of God, and his righteousness. The softness is associated with the gentleness and humbliness of the Savior. The lamb is next about such a tender voice that voice that makes the vales rejoice. The speaker is simply asking the lamb, “Dost thou know who made thee?” [2] The second stanza begins with the statement. “Little Lamb I’ll tell theek.” [2.] The speaker now provides the answer to the question. The answers is provided first vaguely through association of names and characteristics. The tone of the prose is more excited in this stanza. The speaker attribute the lamb with the Lamb of God, both are called by the same name.
Felesha Shavers

Professor Valle

English 102

22 Nov 2013

The characteristics of The Lamb of God is meek and mild. The temperment of the little lamb would also share these character traits. The speaker next relates himself, as a child, to this trait of innocence. The Lamb of God was also a child, He is God incarnated, born of a virgin. The next line; “We are called by his name.” implys that wer are all called by his name. We are his flock and his creation. The poem is then finished with the speaker telling the little lamb, “Little Lamb God bless thee.” In analysis of this poem, we find the symbolic association the Little Lamb and Jesus Crist, The Lamb of God.

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