The Language Behind The Language From 1990’S-2000’S. “

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The Language Behind the Language from 1990’s-2000’s

“ I got my dog back, in African-American language, your dog means your passion your fire”, was the words Deion Sanders spoke and lived by. Within the world of language

and communication between one another in the African American community, the language goes further than just the words, but the culture. It has been 398 years since slavery and the language has gotten stronger and stronger over time, but it 's been a bump within the African-American Eras during these times. These two Eras that have caught my attention were the 90’s and the 2000’s, within the African American language in Hip Hop & R&B music. This topic goes beyond the artist and their timing, but the words within the …show more content…

Tupac Shakur uses the songs “Keep ya head up” and “Brenda’s Got a Baby” and on the other hand, Kendrick Lamar uses “Alright” and Element” to describe the struggles that African Americans go through within both Eras and the changes that needs to become in the community. All four songs related back to the topic of black culture, everyday life, and poetry where our people can relate. The words that we speak define us in ways that connect within the roots of our people and a language that was adapted so we could survive. Since the year of 1619 our people have been captured, dehumanized, and hung for being one of God 's precious creations, which mean we had nothing to stand on or depend on within our Culture as Africans. That was until we took advantage of our everyday resource, which was “language”. As African Americans when we realized that our way through depression and hardships was through our secret language “ African-American language”, we used it in ways that no one could understand, figure out, or use against our people. Our language was what set us free, kept us striving, attached us to our roots.

Hip Hop Language Through Black Culture (90’s-2000’s):

Furthermore, African Americans were stripped of so much growing up, that music was one of the languages that helped the black community find time to appreciate life and the purpose behind it no matter what. Now,hip hop in the 90’s was the year of all the “ popping” [hot] and “jumping” [awesome]

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