The Language Came Into My Life

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Oct23, 2015:
“The Language Came into My Life” is an autobiography of the Hellen Keller- a woman who lost her hearing ability and vision when she was an 18 months old baby. The loss of the two very important senses pushed her into a very critical situation where she had a very limited interaction and understanding of the world. She had a very small world based on her own perception, where she had her parents, siblings and some other things, but she was unable to have a name for the things she could experience. She was unable to get an introduction to the world when she was seven and her teacher Anne Sullivan came into her life.
Before her introduction to the language, she was bitter, angry and stressed all the time as she said “Anger and …show more content…

The main idea of the story is that the language has a great importance in a person’s life, whether a normal person or the one who has lost one or some vital senses. Before the arrival of Anne Sullivan in the life of Helen Keller, her mood was dark all the time because she was unable to communicate to her surrounding world. The story is also showing that learning a language for a deaf and blind person is equally important because in this way they can feel and see the world. Language unveiled a new world to her where she had an opportunity to learn something new which ultimately improved her mood, and changed her thoughts about life. For the first time she realized that “everything had a name, and each name give birth to a new thought” (Eschholz, Alfred, & Clark, 2013)
Helen spent most of her time in learning new things and in the exploration of the world. The way she spelled “doll” after getting a doll from her teacher and the way she spelled “water” when cold water flowed on her hand was really heart touching. “I knew then that “w-a-t-e-r” meant the wonderful cool something that was flowing over my hand. (Helen, Keller, 2013, p. 74). Helen used the power of touch to expand her world and realized that everything in her surroundings has a name and has a reason to be in this world. “The

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