The Woman Warrior By Maxine Hong Kingston Essay

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Hathman 1
Rachele Hathman
Professor Richard Potter
ENC 1939
16 November 2016
The Woman Warrior
Language is a system of communication used by humans either written or spoken to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings we want to communicate to our loved ones, to our friends, to people we work with or go to school with and even to strangers. Maxine Hong Kingston in her memoir The Woman Warrior explores language and the use of language to express what Kingston finds as several conflicts. The conflict of the immigrant experience and the conflict of having to be a Chinese- American woman along with the expectation of being “silent”. Maxine Hong Kingston provides a remarkable memoir that blends Chinese folktales and personal narratives.
Much throughout her memoir Kingston, tells narratives of “talk- stories”, which are stories blended of her family stories and cultural myths that she has heard. For example the story of Kingston’s un-named, “no named” aunt. The only knowledge Kingston has of her aunt are the hushed stories her mother tells, the rest Kingston spins with what she may have thought is what had happened. In this sense Kingston’ is an unreliable narrator, leaving readers to question which parts of what Kingston is saying is actually true and which parts are pieces of her imagination. Kingston 's unreliableness as a narrator could also be symbolic of stories told in history. Many times we hear stories of events that may have happened, but we

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