The Language of Prejudice and Historical Perspective

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The Language of Prejudice and Historical Perspective Can you imagine living in a world, in which we judge people by the labels that are branded onto their head at the instantaneous moment of birth? According to Gordon Allport, in “The Language of Prejudice”, he believes that “Without words we should scarcely be able to form categories at all” (217). This statement is valid, because today historical events such as the Rwanda genocide have been labeled as a category of “genocide”. And because of this categorization of the Hutu and Tutsi; they became victims of the “nouns that cut slices” (218), a phrase that Allport uses for “the names that help us to perform the clustering” (218). The Rwanda genocide also opened the eyes of the people to …show more content…

istinction like Allport illustrates for us, “black velvet is agreeable…yellow tulips are well liked” (221) the true color of the Hutus and Tutsis were the same, the only difference was prejudice minds of the Hutus whether they liked someone or not Hutu or Tutsi they would kill because of the death of their leader; and again Allport enlightens us the truth in this when he says “Grounds for misunderstanding lie in the fact that minority group members are sensitive to such shadings, while

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