The Last Of The Tudor Dynasty Essay

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Nicknamed the Virgin Queen, I, Elizabeth Tudor, have been the one of the longest reigning and most beloved monarchs of my time. Married to my duty, my people and my country, longing for no other love, though this means I am to be the last of the Tudor dynasty. Calculated, cunning, beautiful and brilliant, my life, and reign will be spoken of for years to come. Though born into royalty, life has been turbulent to say the least, from a young age being shown the wonders and terrors of the throne. Throughout the span of my life moving from princess, to lady to Queen, showing that women can indeed be great rulers is a significant consequence of my rule. In order to understand and appreciate my reign as Queen one must examine my childhood, rise to the throne and the accomplishments of my rule. My father, Henry VIII had three children, my elder sister Mary, myself and youngest Edward . Both Edward and I grew up Protestant and without mothers so we grew quite close. At the age of four Katherine Champernowne, later to become Katherine Ashley, became my primary caretaker. Katherine was a well-educated woman whose affection and kindness greatly influenced me throughout my life. My third step-mother was Catherine Howard, who was attentive and often playful. The first public dinner with her she had me sit beside her, a great honor, it was a momentous occasion for my young self. Unfortunately she, like my own mother, was condemned to death for adultery, when I was only eight years old.

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