The Last of the Mohicans and Fort Essay

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The Last of the Mohicans, released in 1993, is a story with much historical background as well as a very entertaining love story to catch the viewer’s eye. This movie is based on the historical event of the French and Indian War that went from 1754-1763. To give this story a more interesting twist, the director, Michael Mann, has added a love story between Hawkeye and Cora. Cora and her sister Alice are being escorted to their father, commander of Fort William Henry, when an attack by the Indians occurs. Daniel Day-Lewis, Hawkeye, comes to their rescue and helps bring them to their father. Hawkeye, along with his father (Chingachgook), and his brother (Uncas), try to help out her father but he will not take it into consideration.…show more content…
Mann was able to take from Cooper’s novel and create this wonderful movie. Although it is not very factual, it gives the viewers a sense of what has happened in history. Without movies, many of these historical events may be forgotten or simply just thought of as another battle. When brought into film, these events are once again surfaced leaving viewers with something to think about. What really happened during this war? The battle that took place at Fort William Henry was the war between the French and Indians. The Encyclopedia Americana tells that as the British colonies began to grow, the people began to search for rich lands across the Appalachian Mountains where they could have an economic growth. The French became worried about British invasion into this region and so they started to set up a series of forts on Lake Champlain, and the Wabash, Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers. While the French were setting up their forts, the British began building their own forts at Oswego and Halifax. The British and French representatives met in 1750 to try to end their territorial arguments but came of it. In 1752, Marquis Duquense was made governor of New France, where he was told to get rid of all the British from their areas. The next year he sent troops to Pennsylvania to build forts. At the same time Duquense’s troops were building forts,
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