To Build A Fire, By Jack London

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Nature is depicted in various ways throughout literature. It can be described as full of hope and beauty as well as an unstoppable force that always results in the downfall of life. The latter is a more accurate depiction for “The Law of Life” and “To Build a Fire” written by Jack London. In these short stories, he gives a more pessimistic description of nature. Humans rely on nature to survive. Some people accept this, but others are too proud. The fact is that individual life does not continue forever, but nature lives on. Humans need nature in order to survive- this is a simple biological fact. Without nature, humans would have been gone a long time ago, if they were even alive in the first place. The tribe of people in “The Law of …show more content…

People do not live forever, and his ancestors went through the same situation he was going through. It was only fair that he should accept and obey the law of life. Towards the end of the story, the reader can tell that he might have not completely accepted his fate, as he attempted to fight back against coyotes around him by waving a burning stick. However, he soon realized that there was no need for him protect himself because he would end up dying anyway. He put down the stick and accepted his fate once more. While some people may accept that they need nature in order to survive, others prefer to believe that they have the strength and skills to survive completely on their own. They are proud and do not listen to the advice of others. The man in “To Build a Fire” thought he was going to be perfectly fine traveling on his own without other people for help. In the beginning of the story, he strongly believed that, “[a]ny man who was a man could travel alone” (London 72). He thought that he was fully capable of surviving in the harsh conditions. Throughout most of the story, his pride got in the way and he refused to believe in the severity of his situation. He could barely move his own face because it was literally freezing, but he insisted to himself that it was nothing to be concerned about. As the man traveled in sub-zero temperatures, he slowly began to freeze to death. The wolf-dog traveling

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