The Law Of The United States

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It is an universal acknowledged legal truth that ignorance of law is no excuse (ignorantia juris non excusat) i.e., every prudent man of the society is supposed to know the law of the land which concerns about his right, life, liberty, duty, obligation, powers, privileges and immunities. The workmen, the employers engaging such workmen and the law enforcement agencies (Inspectors), it is expected, are required to know the law (Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act) with which they interact. Awareness of law for all such classes of persons is imperative because one is the beneficiary; the order is the giver of the benefits as well as the protector of the interest and entitlements. The law concerning the inter-State migrant workmen emanates…show more content…
These functions and duties of the state have given rise to concept of social justice. The concept of social justice is dynamic. In dispensing social justice apart from interest of the contesting parties, the general and over-all interest of the society as a whole have to be taken into consideration so as to prevent pampering of one group at the cost of the rest, especially in matter of claim of labour. The principle that the employer and the employee are so inter-related as well as dependent on each other that it is in the interest of each that other should survive; it is in the interest of society that both should be kept functioning in harmony with each other. In time of stress the workman is at greater disadvantage. He has not as much to fall back on as his employer; it is for the good of both that the employer should be made to help him to keep himself alive and fit to work. Keeping in view the above said concept
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