The Laws And Restrictions Of Gun Owners

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The new legislature that recently passed in Texas allows gun owners who are licensed to conceal carry (C.C. for short) the ability to have their concealed gun on their person while they are on the college campus including the ability to carry indoors. There are many concerns regarding gun laws, safety, and control that are making their way into the spotlight as a result of these new laws for gun owners. Given the fact that the right to carry a weapon is purely for protection of yourself, your family and your community there is no reason that guns should be restricted from being carried in any given environment, however there is good reason to place restrictions on who might be able to obtain one. Many of the concerns surrounding gun safety revolve around a number of statistics that are used by different groups in order to fuel their individual agendas. My intention here is to look at the laws and restrictions in Texas and to compare the rates of gun violence (including murder, suicide and accidents) to other states and countries in order to show you as a reader how responsible gun usage is a benefit to the community as well as to the individual and should be encouraged more than it is feared because it ensures not just personal safety, but the safety and liberty of our nation. In the U.S. Federal law has many requirements for licensed firearms dealers but the two that are most important for our purposes here are the requirement of any licensed firearm dealer to perform a

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