The Leadership Approach Of Johnny Walker

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The leadership approach that Johnny Walker takes is one of being laid back and easy going. Despite this laid back and easy going demeanor, Mr. Walker always focuses on the job at hand and completing what he started out to accomplish. This is reflected in the response he gave when asked to describe his management philosophy, “Always be fair and honest, treat people the way you would want to be treated. I also think other people would say that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done” he replied. Mr. Walker’s personality is well received by his subordinates as well. When one of his employees was asked how they thought he did as the plant manager, they replied “Johnny does a great job and he treats us with respect, and always displays a good demeanor and mood, even if he is upset. He also is good at joking around, which helps to make him approachable, just don’t give him too much grief about being a WVU fan.” He also likes to practice what he preaches. When asked what his subordinates would describe his management style and what they would say about him, he said he “I hope they would say that I treat people equally.” When Mr. Walker replied to the question, what aspects of your management role have you excelled within, he replied “I feel like I have become better at coaching and resolving conflicts among employees.” It is easy to respect Mr. Walker for taking this leadership approach, and it is commendable that the advice he gave in regards to the

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