The Leadership Of The Group

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Group members: Diana Khalil, Stavronikitas (Stavros) Damianakis, Christina Randol, Omar Nimri and myself. The leadership in the group was definitely a shared one. According to Kimmel and Aronson, all groups have leaders or people that are in charge, whether they were elected, appointed or just informally took control. We did not have an appointed leader but we somehow all informally decided to take control of certain things. From what I understood, everyone was responsible for completing their own slides and doing their own research. Diana was responsible for making sure that everything looked pretty when we were all done. Where as, we talked it out when it came to the order of presenting. Stavros was pressured to narrow his topic down,…show more content…
The group process was not as smooth as I was expecting it to be. It is humorous how friendships are jeopardized when one’s grade is on the line. I would admit that most of us had research done way ahead of time, however we did not put the presentation together until the night before the due date. Everyone was not on the same page, and everyone was not working at the same pace which stressed people out, and produced an in-subgroup. At first, Christina and I talked about how we were both concerned that we will not do a good job because not everyone was on the same page. Then the first sub-group formed when Diana and Christina were uncertain that Stavros will be able to finish his portion of the presentation. They were irritated because he wanted to finish his work the next morning and everyone wanted to be done the night before. That tension shortly faded away when everyone got really busy. Ironically, Stavros was done before Diana. She was still working on her portion of the presentation up until ten minutes before the class. That was not a problem since she made her part of the presentation look very lively and interactive with the audience as well. We monitored each other’s progress through the use of Google Docs. I was able to see where everyone was at because we were all working on the same file simultaneously. Our performance standards were not strict, since we the only thing we wanted to make sure of is that we did not go over
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