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Method acting is often misinterpreted as an acting exercise where the actor “becomes” the character, and keeps the persona of that character until they have completed their work. This misguided thinking has been promoted by pop culture and even sometimes by actors themselves. The Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute defines the Method as when “actors use their imagination, sense and emotion to conceive characters with unique and original behavior, creating performances grounded in the human truth of the moment.” This definition focuses more on the relationship between the actor and their character, rather than both being one and the same. Method acting is not a new idea. It is thought to have been considered an acting exercise for …show more content…

in Brody) Actors are constantly searching for the truth behind these moments, and then use this truth to tell the story of their character. When the truth is found, and then executed well, the actor has reached their goal. At the end of the entire process, the actor’s goal is simple: tell the story with as much truth as possible. This is where Method acting comes into play as a way to connect to the truth, and to translate the truth for the actor’s audience. Another actor who greatly benefitted from the Method is Marlon Brando. He is widely believed to be one of the most influential actors ever, and turned going to the movies into a psychological experience. For some of his most famous roles in movies such as A Streetcar Named Desire, The Godfather, and Julius Caesar, Brando utilized his own personal emotional history to accurately portray his characters. (Thomson) An interesting aspect of the Method that tends to be looked over, is the fact that it is actually considered to be a very masculine and American way of acting. Few female actors have been famously successful with Method acting. The Method is preferred by some actors because they believe it to be a more sincere way of conveying the truth of a character and story. These actors are considered to be extremely dedicated to their craft, since they are so willing

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