The Legacy Of The Thirty Years War

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The Thirty Years War was an enormous conflict the likes of which Europe had never seen before. It was a war that destroyed millions of lives. It would be almost 300 years before another European war would be so destructive to the populace. The war started much simpler than it ended. Long before the end of the war both sides were exhausted. Despite this, it would take three major treaties to end this international conflict. These were: the Peace of Augsburg, the Peace of Prague, and the Peace of Westphalia. These three treaties addressed pressing issues in the Holy Roman Empire and Europe such as religious tolerance, Catholic Church property, the sovereignty of states, and the loyalties Protestant Princes owed to the Catholic Holy Roman Emperor. The only successful treaty: the Peace of Westphalia had a great deal of influence on European and eventually global politics and peace deals. This great treaty was a nail in the coffin of the Holy Roman Empire. The conditions created a weak Emperor and more autonomous German leaders. The end of the Holy Roman Empire would bring on a new, modern, unified German Empire in the 1800s; First, the Peace of Augsburg was actually the conclusion of an imperial diet in 1555. It was meant to bring a temporary peace and coexistence of Christian faiths in the Holy Roman Empire. There had already been a war between the Emperor and some princes at this time over religion. The Emperor wanted a quick fix to avoid another war. The document states

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