The Legal And Illegal Immigration Essay

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Legal and illegal immigration have been and still is a controversial topic, especially during present-day due to the recent presidential elections. As a result of migration, immigrants face discrimination by false statements and myths, such as being stereotyped as terrorists, unintelligent, or as people who will bring America 's economy down. These myths and false statements create an illusion of immigrants depriving native-born Americans of their rights and opportunities. Since the 1840s until present day, the United States has passed many anti-immigration laws to restrain the flow of immigrants; however, some acts have allowed immigrants to migrate to the States. Both American citizens and immigrants are equal, as each party seeks the American Dream; a fuller and better life for everyone with opportunities for each according to ability or achievement (James Truslow Adams). "Immigrants take jobs and opportunity away from Americans," "Immigrants are a drain on the U.S. economy," and "Immigrants don 't want to learn English or become Americans" are myths created by native-born Americans. Many years of research and study have shown that both legal and illegal immigrants create more jobs for the American economy, thus strengthening the economy by providing more opportunities and economic stability. The act of immigrating to a foreign country is risky with the unknown consequences that may lay ahead, but many continue to do so for the better opportunities that may arise. My

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