The Legal Atmosphere Of Burma

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Case Study 1


Last year I undertook a position as a summer associate at a German law firm in Burma for a period of three months. Despite my relative lack of a legal background, I was intrigued with the inner workings of the law when I working on a complicated client case as a management consultant. To enable interns in adjusting to the workplace, the firm has in place of assigning senior associates as mentors to each pair of incoming interns. I would be working alongside a French law student and an attorney with practice licenses in Germany and China. The legal atmosphere in Burma is rather vague and undisputedly hard to navigate, although to a lesser extent than when the military junta was in power. Regardless of the initial …show more content…


The ongoing dynamics between the leader and follower closely follows the approaches of situational leadership. Instead of utilizing a one-fit all model in delegating tasks and training, the leader has taken into account the various development levels of his followers. Taken our present competencies into account, the leader was successful in providing both a coaching style leadership for myself, whereas my colleague, an advanced law student appropriately received a more delegating style approach. What situational leadership entails is that ultimately, leadership being ultimately a dyadic relationship between two people while simply not revolving around the traits of a leader, and those traits need to evolve as people change in their motivational skills. However, the effects of this case show that what’s particularly important in situations for leadership which is not fully encompassed in situational leadership, is not just people’s motivations but also team composition, types of people recruited and different personalities. Leaders are required to be flexible in adapting to changing followers’ competencies that may or may not occur over time. Although I was given extensive coaching in the beginning, as time passes on I longed for increased self-dependency and a need for challenge. In a way, boredom

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