The Legal Framework Within The Area Of Equal Opportunities

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The Legal Framework Within the Area of Equal Opportunities The legal framework within the region of the equal opportunities is aimed at encouraging recognition and banning any form of discrimination and its causes, it supports and puts in place progressive awareness of equality in the community. The law requires people to be given equal opportunities regardless of their personal characteristics and backgrounds. The Equal Opportunities Act 2010, brought together some anti discriminatory laws to make it simple for people to understand their rights and duty to society as well as the enforcement of fair treatment for all including targeting and fighting discrimination against people because of their personal characteristics or choices. The …show more content…

These may include being treated differently because of a person’s race, ability, age, gender or sexuality. Oppression is denying or undermining a person’s human rights. It is when those in authority uses their power to limit other people’s freedom and reducing people’s potential to be able to fully exercise their human rights. This can be caused by our cultural, traditional practices, or social norms within a society. Some forms of oppressive practices are interpersonal, racial, human, and institutional. (i). Interpersonal oppression affects people because it gives priority to one group over the other. Whereby the one group is allowed to control other group members. The dominant group has permission to ill treat or disrespect certain group members, such as women regarded less able in some societies and they cannot do what men can do because they are a weak species. This oppression gets structured into institutions and organisations where patterns can be visible, whereby male applicants are favourable for top job positions, even though their qualification were equally well as to that of a female applicant for that same job position because they are traditionally believed to work more effectively than women. (ii). Racial oppression is when a certain group of people is treated unfavourably because of their race. Racial oppression can be systematic, social, institutional or internal. This group is subjected to unfair or

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