The Legend of The Lochness Monster

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How can we tell if the information about the Lochness monster is true ? The answer to this is complicated. Many of us won’t actually believe something, until we see it for our own eyes. Yeah, there’s scientists and researchers that analyze the information to learn if it’s real or not, but hearing the information isn’t quite as reliable as actually witnessing it yourself. Throughout the years of the legend, people have given true or false information about the monster. For example, photographs, stories, and sightings of it. Even if the legend of the Lochness monster is true or not, I intend to find out the truth. Other than the legend of the Lochness monster being a mystery, the loch itself, where it is said that the monster lurks in is also a mystery. For example, the temperature of the water should be cold enough to freeze over, but it surprisingly never does(Berke 10). In addition, the loch being twenty two and a half miles long and a depth of 754 feet. It would be a challenge to actually see the monster itself. The Lochness monster is a large unknown creature that is mainly mentioned in the parts of Lochness in the Scottish Highlands, which means that it’s said to be seen there. However, when you connect all of the true or false information about the beast, it’s hard to believe if it's real. This

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